Senior Clap Out

Tuesday, JUNE 8th | 2PM

Senior Clap Out Info

  • All ER seniors and their families must be wearing masks when on ER's campus.

  • All ER Seniors' families must wait behind the yellow line out front just as current families need to do.

  • ER Seniors must arrive at 2 PM on June 8, 2021.

  • The Clap Out Line will begin at 2:15 pm (we cannot delay). We will start the clap out at 2:15pm - no exceptions.

  • Current students and staff will line the halls as we usually do - and clap out the ER Seniors.

  • ER Seniors will exit through the front doors.

  • ER Seniors' families must stay away from the main doors of the school and stand just as current parents do - behind the yellow taped line.

  • ER Seniors' families may take pictures at the ER sign, etc.

  • ER Seniors and their families must exit the area by 2:45 pm so that we may prepare for dismissal.