Stronger Together Legacy Project

Join us in creating a school wide piece of art that captures the strength of the students, staff and teachers of Eleanor Roosevelt. Every students square tile will be combined and then turned into 1 large canvas mural to be displayed in school.

We are Stronger Together. Each students brings strength, creativity and individuality to our school and helps is shine.

Kindergarten & 1st

2nd & 3rd Grade

4th & 5th Grade

Orders Due by November 30th

Families can also help the school with this project...

We are so excited to partner with Square1Art again this year to help raise funds for the school. The art that the students did last year was simply great and we look forward to what they create this year.

Wouldn't you love to share your child's artwork with family and friends? The Square 1 Art fundraiser will provide you the opportunity to purchase keepsakes and gifts featuring your child's art! Every order profits your school.