Yearbook Baby Pictures

5th Grade Parents

Please upload a baby photo (up to one year of age) of your 5th grader for the 2023/24 Eleanor Roosevelt Yearbook. When uploading, please do the following...

Android Phones: Open picture_Tap ⁝_Rename title with child’s first and last name_click save_upload to google photo (link above)

iPhones: Tap the photo you want to rename. Tap the "Rename" button on the pop-up menu, and then use the on-screen keyboard to enter the new file name for the photo. Tap "OK" to rename the photo._upload to google photo (link above)

Computer/Laptop: Right click the photo_select rename_rename with child’s first and last name_upload to google photo (link above)

**Having trouble uploading, please text the picture to Stacey Bannon at 267-307-0912 and include your child's first and last name in the text.

Submission Deadline

OCTOBER 1st, 2023

If you have any questions/concerns please reach out to:

Stacey Bannon  |  OR  Kim Gigliotti  |