Board & Committee Chairs

The ER PTO is a volunteer based organization. Every thing we do is only because of the volunteers of the Eleanor Roosevelt Community. We can't thank these incredible parents, guardians and grandparents enough for all they do for ER.

Pictured here: Kathleen Kolanko, Devina Golden, Megan Bogan, Kate Werth, Principal Lisa Follman, Kelly Stradling, Joanna Schwind

Board Positions

The PTO Board is comprised of 6 positions; President, Treasurer, Secretary, VP Fundraising, VP Community Relations, VP Volunteers. These positions can have up to two people serving on them. The purpose of the board is to set the PTO calendar, oversee the committee positions that fall under them and help ensure the policies and procedures of the PTO are being followed.


The President shall preside at all General Membership Meetings and the Executive Board Meetings. The President shall be responsible for executing decisions of the Executive Board and for coordinating activities of the organization.


The Secretary shall keep and accurate record of all meetings of the organization and Executive Board. The secretary is also responsible for handling gifts for teacher/staff retirements, condolences and office staff celebrations.


The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the organization; keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures; and pay out local funds in accordance with the Executive Board. They also provide monthly financial statements to the general members & board.

VP Fundraising

The VP of Fundraising oversees all the fundraising events/programs that take place in the PTO. They work with committees that might involve fundraising at the event or third party vendors. The final decision of which fundraisers are done is by the Eboard.

VP Community Relations

The VP of Community Relations brings drives/events/ programs that help the students and community of ER and PSD. They oversee the committees that directly run the drive/event/program. The final decision of what takes place is made by the Eboard.

VP Volunteers

The VP of Volunteers oversee's the HomeRoom Coordinators. They are the liason between the board and the coordinators and help support them throughout the year. They also work to bring in new volunteers and help maintain a digital database of our volunteers through the years.

Committee Chairs

The Committee Chairs oversee the committee that they serve. The committee can be comprised of any number of people with the exception of the 5th grade committee which has a limit of 5. The committee chairs follow the policies and procedures of the PTO and are overseen by the Executive Board.