Playground Revitalization

Eleanor Roosevelt Elementary

The school was built in 1963 and was recently renovated in 2013. Eleanor Roosevelt was renovated as a certified green space, with environmentally-friendly building improvements. A few highlights of the improvements are: new library, new classroom wing, renovated gymnasium, cafeteria and outdoor learning center, as well as, exterior property improvements such as car-loop for pick up and drop off. At the time of the renovation, the playground was not touched.

Current Playground

The existing play structure was funded and installed by the ER PTO in 1997. The structure included: safety surface as well as equipment. In October of 2016, the health inspector reported the bridge connecting the two domes was a safety concern and the bridge was subsequently removed. Currently each dome is sealed with unfinished plywood. With the removal of the bridge, the two dome structure does not allow for continuous play…hindering the play experience.

Thank You to all the Families and Individuals of the ER Community that made a donation to the Playground. We appreciate every donation, large and small that was given. Every cent counts.